on my website and realized it’s really not public-friendly. I’m profane sometimes. :-/

It really sucks when those you care about most do unforgivable things. There are no words to express my feelings.

Go to ManchesterOrchestra.com to hear the rest of the album. Good stuff!

Hugh Laurie - You Don’t Know My Mind

It worked though, because if I inevitably end up hitting the “create post” button (and you read this), you’ve won. You got me to respond to petty insults. Congrats. 

My only counterpoint: stop thinking everything is about you and your feelings. Guys and gals will never see eye-to-eye, and the truth is, nice guys finish last. Every time.

(Aside: I always say that all guys are assholes.. don’t say I never warned you.)

I’m sick of being the nice guy. I’m sick of finishing last. I want to be happy, and just like everyone else, I want a healthy relationship with someone. Logically, in order to get that healthy relationship, you have to date different people and understand what you like before you can commit to something and be certain it is what you want. Sometimes you have to hurt people to go through that process.

AF, I’m sorry I hurt you. CH, I’m sorry your friend got hurt. This wasn’t my intention, I’m not vindictive; I’m sorry that your anger/resentment just makes me more bitter and set in my ways. I’m headstrong, I accept that. I made my decisions and even when I’m wrong, I don’t regret it. 

I’m growing as a person constantly and we all have to make mistakes to progress in life. I don’t pretend to be perfect, I just want a little forgiveness when I screw up. If that’s too hard to do, fine. There’s plenty of other people at this school. 

Just remember you’re not perfect either.



Maybe my life is so good, I’m just live-blogging it for all of you to share in the magical experience that is my life. 

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The Dangerous Summer - Good Things

i pray, as things start to feel much more possible…

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So, I was doing laundry earlier, had everything in the machines ready to go when my swipe card was reading “insufficient funds.” Instead of doing the usual, scrounging around for quarters to finish the load, I whipped out my iPhone (like a boss) and my debit card and refilled it right from the laundry room. My swipe card worked instantly.

Ahh, modern conveniences. 


son-ofaphrodite asked:

ok, this is gonna sound creeper, but whatevz. i search the usf tag on tumblr all the time and i saw your campus post. well since your name is your username i facebooked you and we have 11 mutual friends. wat.

CRAZY hahah who are you!? Request me!